About the Office of Management and Budget

The Mecklenburg County Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is a division of the County Manager's Office. It is tasked with leading the budget process through planning, coordination, research and analysis. The operating budget serves as a plan for how resources will be allocated, a financial policy, and a tool for communicating the goals and strategies of the County to the public.   Mecklenburg County has received multiple awards from the Government Finance Officer’s Association of America and Canada for work in the areas of budget monitoring, budget public engagement and the budget document.

Annual Budget

The Mecklenburg County Office of Management and Budget facilitates the budget process and provides information and support to decision makers in the development of the County’s annual operating budget. 

Managing and Reporting

Once the Budget is Adopted, The Office of Management and Budget monitors and reports on budgeted expenses & revenues throughout the year. These reports assist County & department leadership in managing the budget throughout the year.  

Community Service Grants

The Office of Management and Budget manages the annual Community Service Grants process. Community Service Grants are competitive, County-funded, grants that the County awards to non-profits that partner with the County to serve the community.

Budget Public Engagement

Budget public engagement provides residents opportunities to be involved in the budget process and learn about how their tax dollars are spent.